The Group

RDA Capoeira UK (Rabo de Arraia Capoeira UK)



Rabo de Arraia Group (RDA) was founded by Sydney da Conceicao Rocha (Mestre Balú) in 1998 in Brazil.
With over 30 years of experience he has been able to expand the group to Angola, Brazil, Canary Island, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Russia and the United Kingdom, with over 600 pupils.

In the UK, the group is run as Registered Charity since 26th Nov 2013 ,Charity number 1154739, granted by Charity Commission for England and Wales as RABO DE ARRAIA CAPOEIR UK (RDA UK).

RDA UK has the following charitable objective:
The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of the inhabitants of London and Surrey by providing Martial Art and dance classes, in particular but not exclusively Brazilian Capoeira.


Key People in the Business in UK

Master Balu (Sidnei da Conceicao Rocha)  Founder and Master of RDA Group (All countries)

Prof. Jeronimo Cruz –  President and Qualified Teacher

Maisa Gaspari – Chair / Sports Administrator

Manuela Manfredini – Treasurer / Trustee

Joao Junior –   Secretary / Trustee


Factors that make this a successful Business:

  • Teacher is led by a very experienced and influential Master
  • Teacher has a high level of experience and skills in the Capoeira world
  • Classes are taught in a friendly and professional way
  • Support to students are offered in and out of the class
  • We guarantee quality
  • Well organized business
  • Exceptional locations
  • Dynamite product / service at a fair price
  • We disseminate the Brazilian Culture, language and history
  • We promote Racial Harmony
  • We encourage social integration
  • We promote community participation and healthy recreation regardless of gender, age or religion.