The Instructors (Available in London)

Instructor – Professor Jera/ Jeronimo (Purple Belt)







I am a professional Capoeira Teacher and President of the group Rabo de Arraia Capoeira (RDA) in the UK.

I have been practicing Capoeira for over 20 years, 7 of which teaching this specific martial art.

I am passionate about Capoeira, I am a very dedicated teacher, patient, I enjoy sharing my skills with students, and I am adaptable and dynamic.


Instructor – Monitor Maisa (Green and Orange belt)


I love to assist Instructor Jeronimo in the Adults and Children classes.

I started Capoeira in 1995, but was in 2011, when I started my journey as Instructor’s Assistant.

Today, I assist and teach children’s classes in different schools and places where RDA UK teaches.

For me is a such pleasure to be involved in this amazing organization.

As instructor, I inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in this physically – demanding activity.

I am calm, pro-active, physically prepared, friendly and energetic

My aim is to raise pupils achievement and promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

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