Child belts:

1/7 – Beginner

2/7 – Intermediate stage 2

3/7 – Stage 3

5/7 – Stage 5

6/7 – Intermediate stage 6

7/7 – Stage 7

Серый шнур - corda crua Шнур с желтой кисточкой - corda com ponta amarelaШнур с желтой и оранжевой кисточками - corda com pontas - amarela e laranja

Шнур с оранжевой кисточкой - corda com ponta laranjaШнур с оранжевой и зеленой кисточками - corda com pontas - laranja e verdeШнур с зеленой кисточкой - corda com ponta verde


Adult belts:

0 Beginners

1 Intermediate Stage 1

2 Stage 2

3 Intermediate Stage 3

4 Stage 4

5 Intermediate Stage 5

6 Stage 6

7 – Graduated

8 Teacher

9 Master stage 1

10 Master

Серый шнур - corda crua Серо-желтый шнур - corda crua amarelo Желтый шнур - corda amarelo Желто-оранжевый шнур - corda amarelo laranja Оранжевый шнур - corda laranja

Оранжево-зеленый шнур - corda laranja verde Зеленый шнур - corda verde Синий шнур - corda azul Фиолетовый шнур - corda roxa Коричневый шнур - corda marrom Красный шнур - corda vermelho

Grading ceremony – BatizadoMaster Balu evaluates the students based on the following aspects:
Psychological: Attendance, behaviour in class and out, desire to help the group, respect towards other students and the teacher;Technique: The student will be asked to perform some of the movements of Capoeira. The Master/ Teacher say the name of the movement and the student performs it;

Theory: General knowledge about Capoeira. The student receives a text to learn and questions based on this text will be asked by the Master/ Teacher.

The student needs to succeed in all aspects to receive the belt. It has to be well deserved.

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